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Founded by Dr. Irina Melnik, Comprehensive Spine & Sports utilizes cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment techniques for patients with a broad range of orthopedic conditions.

Focusing on Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Melnik offers non-surgical, minimally invasive approaches to treat patients with acute and chronic pain, as well as degenerative conditions. This offers new hope for healing and pain relief without reliance on medication or joint replacement surgery for conditions such as:

Dr. Melnik is a lifesaver! I had terrible pain in my shoulder and back after an auto accident. An MRI showed tears in my rotator cuff and my L5 disc was collapsed. Surgery was recommended for both areas. Dr. Melnik suggested PRP and fat stem cell injections. I had several injections and they were a miracle for me. It has been over three years and I continue to feel terrific.
P. Reece