Patient Testimonials

I want to thank Dr. Melnik for the very positive effect she have had on my life.  I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, causing severe leg pain. After being treated by other physicians without success, my primary care doctor suggested I see her. Four months after my first visit, I am pain free and back to normal – able to comfortably row my single scull and enjoy all my daily activities.  So once again, THANKS!

Alexander Mazour

My husband and I have both been patients of Dr. Melnik. She treated my husband successfully, therefore I decided to seek her help as well. I have spinal stenosis, and after a failed back surgery, have been suffering extensive back and sciatic nerve pain, and not able to walk any distance. Dr. Melnik treated me initially with epidural injections, which would last few months, and eventually we decided to do PRP/stem cell procedures in my spine.  Within 6 months after the first injection, I was 70% improved, and after another one my pain level reduced by over 95%. I no longer use a cane and can walk 2 miles. Even though there was pain immediately after the procedure, but the end results are remarkable. Dr. Melnik is a very professional, knowledgeable doctor who has the ability to help restore patients’ healthy lifestyle, and who I have full faith in.

Marilyn McNicholas

Dr. Melnik is a very caring doctor and I am most grateful for her great work and for all she has done for me.

David Irmer

With the combination of cortisone shots by Dr. Melnik and the recommended physical therapy, I made a quick recovery from a very painful shoulder.

Archie Walker

Dr. Melnik, thank you for identifying and resolving my sharp hip pain with an injection to the inflamed area.

Valery Kosorek

My internal medicine doctor referred me to you a number of years ago for my lower back pain. Your evaluation and treatments have relieved my pain and I have great confidence in you.

Jerry Tanner

I have been a patient of Dr. Melnik since 2007 and treated for drop foot, back problem and ligamentous knee pain.  She treated my knee with Synvisc initially and then progressed to PRP/stem cell injections twice in 6 months. I have returned to the gym and take daily 3-mile walks. Dr. Melnik is the ultimate professional in her knowledge, skills, and application of such.

Bill McNicholas